What I’m Writing

I am currently revising several completed manuscripts, and working on an exciting new project.  See below for more details.

Climbers – work in progress

The oceans have risen and drowned our mega-cities, but the cities haven’t been abandoned. The old towers still stand, connected by a haphazard series of elevated walkways, shimmy lines, and suicide nets.

Euli is orphaned when her strung-out mother is killed, and she has to find a way to stay one step ahead of her mother’s debtor–a notorious brothel owner–and keep her younger sister safe.

At Close of Day – 138,000 words

2030, Manhattan: An internationally-renowned geneticist approaches the world’s richest woman on her 90th birthday with an audacious proposal: He wants to cure death. So begins At Close of Day, a near-future thriller that asks what we will sacrifice to escape death.

The novel tracks the lives of Ethel, the elderly billionaire, Tamara, a recently graduated neurologist recruited to work on the project, and Mark, a fourteen-year-old computer hacker determined to expose the research company after his mother is killed for investigating them. As the plot progresses, the three disparate characters draw ever closer in a web of deceit and danger that threatens not just their lives, but global security itself.

​At Close of Day is a fast-paced, action-packed beginning to a science fiction trilogy that will track the consequences of this Promethean quest as they unfurl across war-torn Earth and beyond to the stars.

Galdurheim – 111,000 words

The Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and the old beliefs in gods, magic, and hidden folk are being replaced by a new power: steam. In Iceland, that power comes from the rich geothermal legacy of the island’s volcanoes; to capture and manipulate that power is no easy task, and a new field of study arises: heiturlurgy, the study of heat.

When twelve-year-old Leif is sent to boarding school, he is quickly lost in this new world of steam engineers until he makes two friends: Ragnar, a mysterious student from Reykjavik, and Fjóla, a seemingly normal girl from a local farm. When Ragnar begins to experiment with dangerous forces, Leif joins him, placing his attendance at the school–and his life–in danger. Fjóla, meanwhile, has her own secrets, beginning with her glowing, violet eyes.

As Leif continues his quest for answers, he discovers that the worlds of science and magic are far closer than he’s been told. And some stories are stranger, and truer, than he ever dreamed. Blending the folktales, traditions, and sagas of Iceland with exciting and dangerous work in the early fields of steam and electricity, ​Galdurheim​ explores the age-old conflict between tradition and progress, and asks what role one boy can have in the fate of a nation.

Amadahy – 235,000 words

What happens when an infamous assassin is imprisoned and tortured, a dutiful priestess is cast out of her cloister, and a would-be revolutionary seeks to avenge his father by toppling his government?

The answer rests on the shoulders of an unlikely hero: Asha, a woman whose heartbreak caused her to turn her back on the world two decades ago. Aided by a young beggar whose cheerful mask disguises a dark and troubled soul, she undertakes a quest for truth to save the man she thought she’d never see again, a trek on whose outcome the fate of two nations resides–if only she can survive the journey.

The start of an epic fantasy series, the events of Amadahy are launched by a betrayal whose effects reach much farther, and are far costlier, than ever imagined. Dark, moody, and intense, Amadahy offers an exciting update to the genre by taking the well-worn tale of the damsel in distress and flipping it on its head.